This May, Phil Collins in collaboration with over 100 artists will presents Bring Down The Walls, a NYC-based project that have the premise of bring house music back to its political roots and give a special look through house music and nightlife.

This project consists of transforming The Firehouse, a decommissioned fire station, and turn it to a place of cult, where people can enjoy and appreciate the true meaning of dance music culture. During the day this space will work as a community space leaving space for conversations and workshops from former prisoners and activists working to end mass incarceration. By the night the space will be turned into a club, with a full variety of exquisite DJ sets by the hands of House of Vintage, Papi Juice and many more.

This idea come from Collin’s vision: “I knew that I wanted to use house culture as a lens through which to look at the prison industrial complex. Historically, in the 1980s there was an overlap between the exponential rise of mass incarceration in the U.S. and the emergence of a new dance sound coming out of the communities disproportionately targeted by regressive criminal justice policies like the War on Drugs and the three-strikes laws.”

The ultimate feeling that Bring down the walls will transmit is the unity, integration and joy in the house music alongside changing the current system of mass incarceration.

Listen to the album below including a remix of Robert Owen’s 1986 classic Bring Down The Walls.

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