The producer and American DJ wanted to show his new sound and this was the result.

Ookay, as he is known in the music world, has released his album Wow! Cool Album!” in Spotify with 12 songs that will stay in the ears of him most loyal fans and conquer new ones as well.

In this album all 12 songs have a very similar sonority but at the same time each one has its his identity that ends up of unraveling. Ookay continues to experiment new songs, especially with the release of “Thief” which obtained excellent feedback with this song, released a little over a year ago.

In this album we can find a non-specific style, but rather the very “Ookay” style of the artist mixing some pop with many vocals that make the songs “easy” to hear and with a good feeling that will surely give that to speak in the next times. The same eventually made it known that something was coming with his tour “WOO! COOL TOUR “, begun at the end of 2017 and ending at the beginning of 2018.

The album begins with “WOO 2” for a short introduction to the tracks that follow and, from an early age, leaves the curiosity to know what will be the remaining 11 songs that Ookay has prepared. Music was “intro” of its show in Miami where it acted in Ultra Musica Festival, in March, and that also followed “Cool” also is integral in the album. There are also new songs and, as already mentioned, with vocals, that make the music better, including vocals of the own.

With his energy on stage and flexibility in the instruments that he uses on stage, Ookay will show yourself at ease with his new album. 

You can listen here all 12 songs released by the DJ.

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