Previously Pluko was news because he had to change his name, but now the DJ is back in the mouths of the world, this time for a good reason: he has released his new single, which will also be present on the next album that he will launch soon .

As we announced here, Pluko is in tour with the duo Odesza and it was through the label of the duo that he released this new song. “Asleep” is the new single from Pluko, where the DJ intends to demonstrate that despite the name change, he can continue to create a good work as it used to. Through it we also get a small sample of what his album will look like.

According to the Foreign Family Collective:

“Asleep is a masterful blend of pulsing vocal chops and driving percussion creating a beautiful soundscape reminiscent of a dream slipping away.”

The new song features the vocals of MOONZz, which adds serenity to themelodics created by Pluko. This is the first release that the Dj does in 2018.

Although there is no release date for the album, the DJ is very active in social networks, which indicates that as soon as there is a date, Pluko will announce it. In the meantime, you can hear “Asleep” in the video below.

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