At the end of 2017 we learned from Dillon Francis that he was going to release an album in this new year, and there have been several times that the Dj shares some songs that will be part of it.

This new album has the particularity of being an album of spanish language. The Dj justified the choice of this language in an interview with Billboard:

“While songs like “Despacito” and “Mi Gente” are hugely successful at the moment I’ve been doing this since 2011. I haven’t been doing reggaeton, but I’ve been doing moombahton, which is a genre that was created on the Internet, and it’s reggaeton meets dance music,”

Some of the songs that Dillon Francis announced are already known and had been released to to the public, like “Ven” and “We The Funk.” Now the DJ uses Twitter to ask the fans what song should he release next, presenting a short video where we can preview the songs “BaBaBa” and “Look At That Butt“. The first features the side of Dillon dating back to the moombahton, while the second features a more funk vibe for the fans to dance to.

For the album’s creation, Dillon Francis explained that he spent a few days in Mexico City, working with several local producers, so that the album really had the Latin inspirations that the Dj intended.

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