It will be on 26, 27 and 28 October that the city of Braga will host the Semibreve festival which promises a lot of music during the 3 days of the event.

Some names have already been confirmed for the festival, namely William Basinki, one of the most prestigious djs of ambient music, which in addition to making his debut will bring to the public his most recent work “A Shadow in Time”. Other DJs will also be present as Jlin, Keith Fullerton Whitman + Pierce Warncecke and the Portuguese Telectu, duo that formed on the decade of the 80, and many more.

This event is known for its “unfolding” as the various performances will be spread across more than one stage which will be at Theatro Circo, GNRation and Casa Rolão.

In an interview with Lusa, Luís Fernandes, artistic director of the festival, affirms that

“With this new first announcements wave, we reinforce one of the premisses of the festival that is to introduce new artists. We continue without repeating artists and we are already in the eighth edition.

Luis Fernandes was still faced with the possibility that the biggest stars could attend the festival, so his response was positive although the rest of the confirmations are “in the secrets of the gods.

Tickets for the event are already available, with early tickets already sold out. The event is organized by AUAUFEIOMAU with the support of the Town hall of Braga. General passes are now on sale here!

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