The complete set that the duo Showtek performed at the Knockout Circuz festival last December is finally available to fans. The set is only composed of hardstyle songs.

In December 2017, after a big season playing only EDM, the duet Showtek shocked the fans by playing a set consisting only of hardstyle songs.

Since 2012 the duo had decided to dedicate only to EDM, but their roots have always been in the hardstyle, once they were the great movers of the style.

Although they decided to produce only EDM songs, the duo made a small appearance at Defqon. 1 Legends Ceremony, to please the fans who have always preferred to see them playing that style.

During the set on the Knockout Circuz, fans were surprised not only because the duo returned momentarily to their origins, but also because they played new, never-released songs. This may mean that they will soon be releasing new songs of the style that always represented them.

FTS” and “Green Stuff” are some of the most known songs that Showtek released before they decide to devote their full time to EDM and can be heard on the set below. The complete tracklist of the set is available here.



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