When portuguese talent unites, music speaks for itself.

Diego Miranda, dance music veteran, known by all and the artist behind hits like Turn The Lights Out featuring Mikkel Solnado, joins a rising national duo, KEVU, who have released many tracks under Blasterjaxx’s label, Maxximize Records, in order to create something different.

This track is still under construction and we only have access to a sneak peek from a Kevu’s member’s personal Instagram account, João Pedro.

On the 7 seconds available, the listener realises that this is going to be a track with strong basslines, overlaid with impressive vocals, where both combined give a ‘groovy’ vibe to it, as refered by João (KEVU). This will certainly be a club hit all around the world.

By producing outside of their boxes, these artists show how flexible they are in terms of music production. There’s no release date yet, but this collaboration assures where Portugal stands and how fast its talent is growing. 

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