Private Breakfast returns on april 25th, exactly 2 months after its last edition.

Following the passing of the owner of Private BreakfastHugo Mota — commonly known as Faísca —, the air was filled with uncertainty: was Private Breakfast going to continue to happen or would it be the end of it?

The answer came soon enough when one of Hugo’s closest friends, André Silva, announced that Private Breakfast will return on april 25th, the day of the Carnation Revolution, a Portuguese public holiday. This is Private Breakfast’s 30th edition and it’s entitled “Faísca — The Tribute“. In memory of Faísca, the Private Breakfast logo suffered a minor change, adding a spark (the english translation of the word “faísca”) to it.

“On April 25th, we are back to continue the Private Breakfast. In this edition can not fail to be, we will pay tribute to our dear friend “Faísca”.
“Even though your ideas and your peers have never been forgotten; every mind that has changed resides a little in its immortality; and nothing will be able to erase what you have done for us.”

This edition will be in a place that is well known to the public, the Sandhouse Lounge. Next wednesday, from 6am to 12pm, Private Breakfast brings to you Frank MaurelMiss SheilaFauvrelle and REbeat.

Private Breakfast Lineup

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