Both B-Front and E-Force are two pretty sounding names in the Hardstyle world. The two are known for playing Raw, one of many hardcore scene styles. And there are rumors they can join forces in a collaboration.

However, this has never happened and so it has not yet been possible to put together the best of each Dj. But according to social networks, this may be close to changing.

In the B-Front Instragram, the two dj’s created a poll, where they questioned fans about their willingness to see a job done by them. Of course the fans responded YES, demonstrating that the collaboration would be most welcome.

Although both are characterized by playing Raw, each has its own style, even because E-force has bet on sounds more characteristic of stronger styles. However, this collaboration could count on more “obscure” melodies and more “aggressive” sounds, the fans would definitely continue to appreciate the music.

Still, E-Force had already made a personal mark on B-Front songs, such as the B-Front and Alpha2 “Liberate” remix, or “Night Colors Black” by Frequencerz and B- Front. Both songs were present at major festivals, which shows that the collaboration between the two dj’s has everything to turn out.


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