In addition to the excitement that fans have about his next album, Jauz has announced, through its label Biet This, that it will make a new collaboration.

Officially we did not know who would be the other part responsible for the collaboration, since Jauz challenged the fans to guess. However, fans quickly identified as being Snails collaborating with the Dj, since he shared the video of Jauz on his social networks, using Emojis that characterize him.
Snails would not be the first choice of fans, because the part of the song that appears in the video does not contain any vestige referring to the style of the Dj, but the style that characterizes it may be present in the rest of the song.

This new collaboration was shared at the Looptopia festival in Taiwan, and that is where Jauz recorded the video he shared with his fans.

Jauz’s debut album will be out soon and will also feature collaborations with DJ Snake and Example, which have already been released, as well as new collaborations, with Knife PartyLAZER LAZER LAZER, among others.


Jauz argues that “music has no limits” and therefore it is not only included in a specific musical gender but in several. His career is constantly growing and so far he has received support from DJs like SkrillexDiploBorgore, among others.

The dj visited Portugal in 2016 when he performed at the Nova Era Beach Party.

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