DJ Snake and Jauz make their return in an unbelievable way!

The two had a remarkable year of 2017 and an even better start to this year. The Frenchman DJ Snake is responsible for some of the greatest hits currently, and Jauz announced earlier this year a brand-new album, that would be composed of tracks “of all genres”.

A collaboration like this should not go unnoticed, and when you combine these two masterminds, to create a track, the bar is set high and the outcome is expected to be unbelievable.

Well, it is! The song goes by the name of “Gassed Up”, and they, without a doubt, managed to live up to the expectations, and we’re not scared to move a bit out of their comfort zone. The two decided to push the tempo up, and with a stunning bass, alongside a high paced beat and some very clever vocals, the track lacks absolutely nothing. It brings just the perfect amount of energy and hype to all the fans worldwide.

Now get ready to listen to this track on loop and have it featured in most sets this festival season!

This is, “Gassed Up” by DJ Snake and Jauz

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