The second edition of Lisboa Electronica arrived at the capital in force, presenting itself with a diverse set of showcases and dozens of artists, such as Helena Hauff, Nina Kraviz, Deniro, Oscar Mulero, Lewis Fautzi and Serge. After four days of electronic music and a good rest, it’s time to look back at the festival.

On April 4 and 5, four conferences were held that were designed to tell adventures, secrets and tools essential to the success of some artists. These afternoons were spent at the iconic Capitólio Theater in Mayer Park.
Day 5 was closed at the Ministerium Club, with the presence of some showcases and artists, and where we were welcomed by a very pleasant atmosphere, although there was little space to circulate.

The LX Factory was the one who received the last two days of the festival, which lasted from late afternoon till dawn. As there is nothing that the rain does not stop, the DJs that would play on the Open Air stage were distributed to the other existing stages, so as to guarantee the scheduled performance would go on, as well as the comfort and fun of all.
The distance between stages was relatively short, which ensured quick access to any of the other stages. These contained little illumination, incident mostly in the public and the sound had excellent quality and was well defined, not being heard between stages.

In addition, the venue was not completely crowded, being comfortable to dance and to circulate at the same time. The environment provided by the public was quite nice and fun, and there were no conflicts of any kind. It is also worth noting the fulfillment of the schedules stipulated for each stage.

Another positive point was the ease with which ravers paid the products served at the festival (food, drink and merchandise) that, by adopting a payment through the chip on the festival bracelet, thus avoiding long queues. Even though these last two days were located in the LX Factory, allowing for variety of restaurants and dining options.

Regarding the forms of travel, we thought the festival was well served, always ensuring a cheap car park for those who chose the car, and several taxis available at the door of the LX Factory, as well as some buses and trains during the day. Although there had been no incidents, security was quite helpful and effective, security searches made at the entrance.

For those who traveled from abroad for the festival, they can do it for less than € 800, including of course the tickets for the festival, accommodation, travel and meals.

In sum, Lisboa Electronica, whose location fits perfectly with its characteristic and unusual environment, responded positively to all expectations. The lineup, which was extremely good and was composed by several sounding names in electronic music, ended up bringing countless of people on a musical trip to the capital.

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