One of the biggest and loudest summer festivals is on August 18 in the Netherlands. We are clearly talking about the Decibel Outdoor Festival, the festival that represents the different styles of the Hard Scene through 6 different districts. More than 200 artists will attend this festival.

This edition promises to be full of elements that will attract visitors: colors, lights and performances full of energy. Decibel Outdoor says it will be “Bigger, Better, Louder.”

The six districts that make up the festival are divided into zones: The Mainstage, The Forest, The Road, The Lake, The Beach and The Weekend.

The Mainstage area is the main festival area where all visitors can enjoy the music and energy it conveys. This stage joins the artists who best represent the hard scene. At the end of the day is where the long-awaited Endshow takes place.

The Forest area is in the part of the festival that is considered the forest, next to an abandoned nuclear zone. This will be the darkest place of the festival, and only the bravest ones will enter … In this are there will be performances from Hardcore artists to Up Tempo artists, the most “aggressive” genres of the festival. No one should be happy at this place …

The Road district is one that connects all other districts. Here you will find Classic Hardstyle dj’s, Millenium Hardcore and some Oldschool Hardstyle. It will be here that visitors will recharge to be able to handle the other districts.

The fourth district is The Lake. According to the festival, where the water is, there is the energy. With all the energy that characterizes the Hardstyle, here will be present all the elements that will give force to this energy.

In the next district the Decibel Outdoor promises that there will be all the best. The Beach is where Freestyle will be present and a great deal of extravagance. This is where the famous Pussy Lounge is present and where visitors can spend a day full of luxury and end with a great spectacle of fireworks.

Lastly, for those who believe that one day is too little, there is The Weekend. This will be the area where the visitors that choose to stay the 3 days will be accommodated. Here there will be activities, parties, you can make new friends and enjoy the Decibel Outdoor to the fullest. Here we will enjoy the best days with “Friday Kick-Off“, “Saturday Night” and “Sunday Closing Party“.

General tickets that include the stay will be on sale on 21st of April, while normal tickets, without a stay, will be available for purchase on May 12th. All this information and more details are available here.

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