Last week, During the Miami Music Week, Authorities detained a Jamaican man who was thought to target Ultra Music Festival. The man can be seen in an Instagram photo, posing with a high-powered rifle, with the Caption “Ready For The Weekend”. Scary stuff right? But it ain’t all. On a table, was also a suppressed pistol indicating that there were multiple guns.

With security as number one priority, it didn’t take long before police were notified of the issue.

The man, Rayne Russell, had traveled from Jamaica to attend the festival and following the upload of that photo, he was taken into custody for further questioning. The weapons had been legally obtained and owned by family members, and Russel was then released, as Miami authorities determined that the subject posed no real threat.

This comes at a time where Security measure has been greatly increased following the Las Vegas Massacre and Ultra’s Security was paying careful attention to Social Media Activity.

Head of Ultra’s Security team said this :

“Really? Right after the Vegas incident happened? We met together with the Miami Police Department and started our planning right from that moment and looked at the lessons learned — what you can learn from those incidences.”

Thankfully everything was taken care of before any harm could be done, and props must be given to Ultra’s Security team for their promptness on the matter.

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