A new EP called “The Hatchet” by Patrice Bäumel has just been announced on afterlife, due to be released on 6 April.

The two tracks are easily detected, are a result of the second release of the experienced Dutch producer, in the format ALXXX of the editor of the Tale of Us, after having already released “The Buttocks”, two more unique tracks.

From the drums tempered to the masterfully executed white noise explosions, ‘The Hatchet‘, already shown in “Tissue 97” of the Tale of Us. With a small amount, sliding brilliantly, “Serpent“, a compulsive bubble of direction to climax. A journey through time and space, in the afterlife.

Patrice Bäumel is famous for his productions and DJ sets, which are quite energetic and convey a great adventure, creating a melody that satisfies the mind and body of the listener. Calling him that “techno music for adults“. Having already released under amazing labels such as: Physics, K7, Systematic, Diynamic, Trouw, Kompakt and My Favorite Robot.

You can listen to Patrice EP below:

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