Another week comes to a close, and as tradition demands it we have updated our Spotify playlist with this week’s releases.

This week was especially marked by the release of several tracks of Portuguese artists: Holly collaborated with Bellorum on one of the tracks of his new EP, Pete K released “Insomnia” on Release Records, DJ Ride presented us with his new single “Game Over” and Frepz released another banger at the Portuguese label L V R  E called “To Mars”. Also featured is Kölsch with the release of “Left Eye Left”, Tchami and Malaa with the new single “Kurupt”, and Vini Vici & Timmy Trumpet releasing “100” (feat. Symphonic).

In addition you will find many more fresh songs in our playlist.
Among them are tracks from No Mana and Luttrell EPs, the collaboration between Shapov and Sam Bagira called “Alternate”, and the new track from The Chainsmokers “Everybody Hates Me”.

This week also saw the release of the collaboration between Corey James, Crusy and Jose De Mara called “12 O’clock”, “Take It Up” by Wilkinson and Sub Focus, “Moon Love” by Boombox Cartel, “Ain’t Changing Me” by D-Sturb and Requiem, among many other songs!

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