Everything seemed to be relatively quiet in the electronic music world until the morning of the 14th when a tweet lead to a series of serious allegations against Datsik.

In the original tweet (republished 3 times due to personal privacy complaints have deleted it) you can see 2 screenshots of a conversation on Facebook that show several people report bad experiences in the artist’ shows, accusing him of sexual misconduct and abuse.

This tweet was the starting point for more women to dare to tell their story. It seems that Datsik encouraged women to get on his tour bus, forcing them to have sex with him later.

In addition, several responses to @_princessjay‘s tweet show backstage access passes given by the artist’s manager to girls he spotted in the crowd during concerts with the word “Tulsa” written [read it backwards and you’ll understand].

In the midst of so many accusations Datsik has issued an official statement denying any act of sexual misconduct against fans, saying he is very shaken by this whole situation. In addition, he canceled all dates, including EDC Las Vegas, and turned his Twitter private.

In a case where you can already read a lot, this is certainly just the beginning of a big lawsuit against Datsik where, whether truthful or not, his name came out quite stained, resulting in various reactions from artists on social networks.

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