Today in Tomorrowland‘s twitter account anounced a new festival concept called “Tomorrowland Winter – The Hymn Of The Frozen Lotus” which will take place on the high mountains of France for the next year of 2019.

This event will happen in the middle of March between the days of 13 and 15 on the beautifull mountains and village of Alpe d’Huez, where only visitors of Tomorrowland will have access to.

This new festival will be a totally new experience in a totally new surroundings and during the colder and amazing season of the year, winter. Festival goers will have to choose between a 7 or 4 day experience which includes a Tomorroland ticket, lodging and a lift & ski pass.

Discovering the stages and areas through the mountain and with the village lift & ski pass you can have total diferent experience from we traditionally know at Tomorrowland Belgium. This way the festival has a more imersive feel and this way tomorrowlanders can discover everything that will be ready for them to have the right fun and live a lifetime experience as a young music lover and most of all as young spirit who loves life.

Tomorrowland packages will be available for purchase from day 8 of september of this year, until then we look foward to hear more about it.

More info right here.


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