Since March 4, Spotify has taken a big step towards its goal of having as many users as possible with a subscription to its Premium service.

Of the 159 million active users of the world’s biggest music streaming platform, only 71 million pay for Premium services that, from listening to music offline to listen it with the highest quality, has no advertising in the app.

But like anything else, it is obvious that there were ways to get around this problem felt by users of the free version. More and more people were already using apps that let them skip songs, listen to the tracks they wanted, and even listen to them offline without paying a single cent. But from now on Spotify has already made clear its politics to ban these acts and increase its profits by forcing these people to pay for these perks.

In an email sent to all users who use modified software, Spotify makes clear that it has disabled the unauthorized app, threatening to suspend or terminate the account if it is detected the repeated use of applications that violate its terms.

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