A funny situation happened with Dj Pluko, formerly known as Pluto. The Dj was forced to change its name, since Disney maintains the rights over the name Pluto.

The Dj has been prevented from creating any kind of merchandise or even appearing on flyers using the name Pluto, since for this it is necessary to register their name, and that name is currently associated with Disney, which did not allow the registration.

So Pluko felt obliged to change his name, as it is not good for a growing DJ to wage a “war” with such a prestigious company as Disney. In a post on his Facebook page, Pluko said:

“You might notice my name is a bit different on that flyer. i guess there’s this dog at Disney that didn’t like me using his name, so out of respect for the little guy, i’m officially changing my name to Pluko.”

In addition, the DJ took advantage of the change of name to announce that he will be part of the tour of the duo Odesza, in the last performances of the album “A Moment Apart” between March 31 and May 5.

With this change also comes the announcement that he has an official remix for Hayden James’s music coming soon.

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