Dj Phuture Noize has released through his social networks the name of his next album.

His latest album Pursuit of Thunder was released just under a year ago, but that does not mean Phuture Noize has to stand still. Last November he announced through facebook that in 2018 he would release this new album, and now reveals its name: Black Mirror Society.

This title appeared in an instagram story, in the official instagram of the dj, and later it was possible to confirm that this would officially be the name of the next album.

In his surprise set of the Qlimax festival, Phuture Noize presented the song Black Mirror Society, which gives the album its name, and the fans raved. This will be the fourth album that the Dj belonging to the label Dirty Works will release, however there is no official release date yet, but the DJ announced on his Facebook page that the album is almost finished.

The Dj has already confirmed his presence at the Wish Outdoor festival that takes place in the Netherlands on June 29 and 30 and July 1, and has names like Gunz For Hire, Headhunterz or Yellow Claw.

His album Pursuit of Thumber is available in Spotify.

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