Since his reach to the top, the 22-year-old DJ and producer D-Sturb has given no rest to his fans since he has been present at almost every major hardscene festival in Europe.

After receiving so much praise from hardstyle lovers, it is time for D-Sturb to take the next step in his career: he will launch a mini-album next month.

It has been several times that the DJ has shared with its fans in social networks that is preparing new songs, and has shared several photos in studio, namely in the studio of other producers and dj’s with whom promises to create great collaborations. Some of them have been reproduced in the big festivals in which the Dj was present, which awakens in the fans the desire to hear new releases made by D-Sturb.

His most recent collaboration was with DJ High Voltage, “Universe,” but in a recent interview D-Sturb said he still has six solo songs to release.

D-Sturb is the author of one of the most heard remixes of recent times, of the song Menace, a collaboration between Warface and Frequencerz.

Although it is known that it will be released next month, the album does not yet have an official name or a concrete release date.

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