Steve Angello is preparing to release another album and decided to share with his fans some songs that will be present in it. However, he did it in a diferente way, by reproducing the A and B sides of a cassette.

The title of the album will be Human, and through this first “sample” we can see that each song on the album is more electrifying and interesting than the previous one. The fact that it was presented in cassette format leaves fans feeling a more retro vibe present in this album.

Although this album has long been expected, Steve has satisfied the curiosity of his fans with the release of some Ep’s such as Genesis, Inferno and Paradiso. This album is also characterized by the variety of styles it presents and ensures that the electro style is still well present in the world of electronic music.

The Human album still has no official release date, but with this little teaser we realized that it should be close. This will be one of the most appealing releases this year in the world of electronic music, as it is something much awaited by the fans.

2018_02_19_16_21_16 from Matthew Meadow on Vimeo.

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