The electronic music scene is without a doubt one if the fastest growing industries in the whole world. A few years back the dance scene was an underground network and in no time it became what it is today, ranking with nearly $10 Billion globally every year.

Everything seems to have grown very fast and overnight, and a new documentary is here to take everyone on a journey and dig deep into the dance music history. Going as far as 30 years back, the documentary goes by the name of “What we Started” and it will give a better insight on the scene we all know and love.

Set to be announced in Miami on March 22nd, a day prior to the iconic Ultra Music Festival, and will then be premiered on the following day in New York. The documentary will finally be shown in Los Angeles by March 29th.

It features interviews from pioneers in the industry such as Carl Cox, Moby and Pete Tong, and will feature some of the biggest names such as Tiesto and Martin Garrix. Some archived footage from rave scenes back from 1980 and 1990 will also be a part of this documentary.

Who is ready to hop in a time machine and dive deep into the secrets of the Dance Music’s Scene industry?

Catch the trailer here.

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