It’s amazing the moment that the Russian DJ/Producer Arty, known for his beautiful trance and progressive house, crosses. After a great year 2017, in which he stood out mainly for his alter ego Alpha 9, you can see that he started 2018 very well, and this year should maintain or surpass the quality presented in the previous year. After the first releases of this year, which includes: the single “You And I”, the incredible remix of the track “Dreamer” of Axwell /\ Ingrosso and Trevor Guthrie, both as Alpha 9, and the song “Sunrise” with voice of April Bender, like Arty, the Russian genius decides to make his own version of one of the songs of the moment, “Ghost Voices” of Virtual Self.

Virtual Self’s “Ghost Voices”, which is Porter Robinson’s latest project, has been increasingly supported and has been extremely well accepted in the electronic music scene. Calvin Harris has even come to confess that this track has served as inspiration for a return to his roots. Above & Beyond has played this sound in practically all of their last sets, in other words, “Ghost Voices” is already part of the “Common Ground” tour. Sirius XM’s Electric Area has named this single No. 1 for the top of dance music in North America. Arty is one more DJ / producer that have contributed to this song. The Russian played the full version of the remix during their set in Exchange LA as ALPHA 9, and got something very consistent as usual. At the production level, all the key sounds and chords of the original version were kept, and the bass line was amplified, and on the second drop you can very well hear the melody of the song in a more progressive trance version.

This is just one of several remixes that Arty has been working on in recent times, he has also produced other remixes such as “Stay With Me” by Pryda, “My Own Hymn” by Above & Beyond, and probably others. There is no release date yet for this remix but we hope that this will really happens.

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