DJ Snake is dropping some heat on us next week in the form of a new track titled “Magenta Riddim!”

Just a single tweet has fans really hyped up about the release…

While our minds race with the possibilities of what this might sound like, let’s remember that “riddim” doesn’t necessarily mean dubstep. Although, we’d absolutely love it if DJ Snake did give us a straight up filthy riddim track.

A quick Google search clears this up: Riddim is the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of the English word “rhythm,” but in reggae, dancehall, calypso, soca, and reggaeton parlance it refers to the instrumental accompaniment to a song.

The speculation has already begun… Soon enough we’ll know exactly what “Magenta Riddim” sounds like!

Last year, Dj snake has only released 2 singles, “A Different Way”, with Lauv, (which was a huge success worldwide and it stills played in a lot of radios) and “Broken Summer”, with Max Frost. With that being said, we hope that Dj snake release more tracks this year, or even an Ep, like Encore in 2016, which had a huge success with a lot of collabs with famous djs like Yellow Claw, Skrillex, Moksi etc.

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