It is currently available on the market an invention that promises to bring back the vynil era. Not that this has ever ceased to exist, however, with this new tool, the MVM company promises to facilitate the work of those who have always been passionate about the art of scratch.

The French company has introduced Phase, which allows you to “scratch” the vynis without resorting to the use of a needle. Phase works by playing vynil movements to a digital format called DVS (Digital Vinyl System) used by most digital mixing programs such as Traktor or Serato.

This tool works on any vynil. Once it is placed on top of it, allows you to reproduce your sounds in any digital tool. So, it is possible to reproduce, record and change any sound that is removed from the vynil without the use of the typical needle.

This handset is portable, making it easy to carry, allowing you to work with any turntable and any digital recorder. Since it is the size of a pen drive, the device does not “disturb” any movement you make while scratching.

To make it easier for buyers to understand, a demonstration video of the tool was placed on the Facebook page of the product.

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