Q-Dance announced today through its Facebook page the opening of the pre-registration for the Defqon.1 event to be held on 22, 23 and 24 June.

At the end of June arrives to us, what is considered by many, the hardstyle fans Mekka. All over the world people of all nationalities travel to the Netherlands to see their favorite DJs and live unforgettable moments at the biggest hard scene festival.

The festival is divided by eleven stages in a vast area where what matters is to give your all, whether is hardstyle, hardcore, raw, Freestyle or classics.

Every year the festival creates a kind of slogan, making fans look forward to what they can expect. In recent years slogans like “Weekkend Warrios“, “Survival of the Fittest“, “No Guts No Glory“, “Dragonblood” and lastly “Victory Forever” have been presented, all of them having a kind of fighting spirit. This year the festival intends to do something different, in a video posted on Facebook we see a giant mammoth, giving the feeling that it is invading the grounds of the festival. Who knows the producer of the event knows the history that has in making themes and stages around the animal life, simply fantastic. We can assume that a full edition of power, strength and energy is expected. This year’s theme is called “Maximum Force”.

Another aspect that makes the festival to be recognized is its colors and what they represent. Each color represents a style of music and its area. These were the areas that were part of the 2017 edition:

RED (mainstage hardstyle) BLUE (raw hardstyle)

BLACK (hardcore) UV (euphoric hardstyle)

GOLD (early rave / hardcore) MAGENTA (early hardstyle / hardstyle classics)

WHITE (freestyle) INDIGO (extra raw hardstyle)

SIlVER (industrial hardcore) PURPLE (talent hardstyle)

YELLOW (frenchcore / uptempo / terror)

Power Hour, Closing Ceremony, End Show and Defqon Legends are the main attractions of the festival, where everyone joins to participate in these moments. Over the years they have become an invitation ticket for anyone who wants to know more about Defqon.1.

You can pre-register on the official Defqon.1 website starting today.

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