The American dj, Slushii, did his thing again. For all who accompany the young artist the surprise will not be so great, but to all who do not go to explain. The blue hair producer has always maintained, or tries, to have a close relationship with his fans – and the way he does it is always original.

Brenda Wong is absolutely normal young lady who in an ad, where she had associated her contacts – obviously – was selling a ticket to the Slushii show. On one of the car trips she did, on an absolutely normal day – the young woman received a random call through Facetime outside her area of ​​residence, once she was driving, she refused. There was a text message asking about the availability of the ticket. Already more interested, she answered the second call she had received that it was Slushii himself. The DJ discovered Brenda’s announcement and decided to buy the ticket for the concert itself.

Check out the story below and be delighted with Brenda’s reaction.






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