‘Ravers’ is the name of the new track of the duo KEVU in collaboration with the American duo, Breathe Carolina. After the track ‘Bandana‘ and several remix’s in the sub labels of Spinnin Records, they now release their first track in the main label.

As the name implies ‘Ravers‘ is a track made for the audience that really likes Bigroom as it’s an explosive song for any tracklist.

As we have already been accustomed to, this will be the path traced by the Portuguese duo to conquer their space in electronic music. With its own style in the genre Bigroom, KEVU have added letters in the industry and it’s more than obvious their presence in the great stages and launches in the main publishers.

The duo said that this collaboration came through an exchange of messages with Breathe Carolina, in the social network Twitter. Breathe Carolina visited Portugal last year at the RFM Somni festival at Praia do Relógio. The American duo uses rock influences, since they were a four-part band, and joins it with electronic music to create their greatest hits.

Soon we can see the KEVU act at the Nova Era – Melhores do Ano 2018 to be held on April 14 at Exponor, along with Vini Vici, Karetus and Third Party.

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