The American website, Reddit, has definitively released its Best of 2017. The discussion website has two electronic music tabs, which are generally quite simple without genres, labels or artists being benefited – what it becomes important in the following analysis.

Although the first top was dissipated (involuntarily), the social network left curiosity to continue until today.
It does not take much effort to realize that 2017 was the year of the Odesza duo. The North Americans won the Best Artist award as well as the Album of the Year – A Moment Apart. The Best Dj Mix, or Set Live, is also his own, and also, Best Album and Best AMA.

In second place, most awarded, Deadmau5 appears in the categories of Song of the Year – Polaris – and Best Label: Mau5trap. And in the latter, The Chainsmokers. The popular duo was handed the title of greatest disappointment with the track “Memories”.

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