And here it is! The first track of the year by the trance legend, Armin van Buuren!

This track combines two legends, Armin van Buuren in the dance music scene, and Conrad Sewell, a famous hip-hip producer who has many famous tracks like “Hold Me Up” and “Remind Me” which I’m sure that you have already listen at least one of those two in the radio. If you don’t know any of these tracks, you definitely recognize Kygo’s track “Firestone” when you listen to it. Well, the singer of that track is Conrad Sewell as well!

Despite of Armin being, as I said in the beginning, well-known for his trance songs, this one “Sex, Love & Water” has a lot of tropical elements, groove sounds, some funky vibes as well and the bass guitar, which makes the track fit in the vocals.

Since last year, Armin van Buuren started to release some disco music, outside trance, like “Sunny Days” and “I Need You” which have a lot of success. Some people say that this year, Armin will definitely leave trance forever. Others, in a more realistic way, say that this year will be exactly like 2017, in other words, a mixture of amazing trance music together with these disco songs including funk and tropical vibes, like this one, which make you dance!

Retrospective: It’s always fun to see a producer releasing something in another genre with a lot of success. And well, “Sex, Love & Water” is one of those tracks. This proves that he can create a lot of tracks in different genres, which is something unique nowadays.

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