There’s no denying that Martin Garrix is not only one of the greatest names in electronic music history, but one of the youngest to ever reach the status where he’s at. The dutch Dj and Producer is a role model for aspiring dj’s all across the globe showing that if you work hard enough, age isn’t a problem.

Having released Animals back in 2013, Martin’s career took off and now, standing at 21 years of age, he is a 2 time Top 100 DJ Mag winner, has set up his own label, STMPD RECORDS, and has been releasing track non-stop featuring some of the best artists in the world.

Garrix was 16 at the time of the release of Animals, but this wasn’t the start of the youngster’s career. Footage has emerged showing Martin Garrix performing at a School Party at the age of a 14! This goes to show that passion, hard work and dedication truly pays off and Martin Garrix is a raw example of that!

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