After the major fall of Justin Bieber’s career in 2014, the artist seemed to end its musical work with all the criticism and hate everyone had on its mostly pop works like Believe (2012) which attracted mostly the young female audience.

In 2014 the artist reappears in the industry with a new DNA, a new image and with its focus on dance music, with the launch of “Where Are Ü Now” together with Skrillex and Diplo, otherwise known as JACK Ü, which besides 4 million global sales, 4 platinum records and even a Grammy, recently, the joint work as surpassed the billion barrier of YouTube views.

Still, the artists aren’t a novelty to the podium, as Justin Bieber had already broken the record with its single “Baby” or Diplo with its hit “Lean On”. “Where Are Ü Now” joins other hits on YouTube such as “Closer” by The Chainsmokers or “Hello” by Adele.

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