Drum ‘n’ bass producer Mistabishi has been found making several racist comments in the last few days.

Apparently, Mistabishi aka James Pullen was very angry with London Mayor Sadiq Khan because he celebrated Donald Trump’s cancelled visit to London. This made him claim that Khan is “not an Englishman” because his parents weren’t born in the country.

This cause many responses by people on social media that one Facebook user responded “Britain doesn’t want you, either”, to which Mistabishi replied: “Feel free to beat your child cousin bride and throw gay people off buildings because ‘it’s your culture’, Muzzy.” Also, Manchester artist Chimpo took a screenshot of the Facebook thread and tweeted about it.

He deleted his facebook posts, but Hospital Records has made the decision to discontinue his label affilion by deleting his music from the catalogue.

Hospital Records released a statement condemning Mistabishi’s comments, removing his music from the catalogue and donating all proceeds from publishing and sales of his music to Love Music Hate Racism, a charity that unites people from different backgrounds through the power of music.

Read Hospital Record’s full statement below.


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