The new year has finally arrived, and we are beginning to be anxious about what will come around in the hardstyle world.

The year 2017 was marked by the release of several hardstyle albums, such as Pursuit Of Thunder or Edge Of Insanity, so we want this new year to bring us new albums and releases as well. These are the albums we can expect in 2018:

Aggressive Act

This duo, composed of two Italian djs Malice and Rooler announced in an interview in 2017 that there are plans for an album to be released this year. “We have in mind to produce an album,” they said. Nothing is confirmed yet, but there are plans to run it.


By Christmas time the DJ announced that a new album would come out in 2018, so we’re curious about the release date and the content of it. B- Frontliner In addition to the B-Freqz project, the B-Front DJ also has a duo in partnership with DJ Frontliner since 2009. Through its official Facebook page, Frontliner announced last year that it will return with the B- Front and that in addition to news, also bring a new album.

Code Black

Through a direct on his Facebook page last year, the DJ announced that he had plans to create an album later this year and that same album would be split into several releases.


One of the biggest news of 2017 was the return of Headunterz to hardstyle, and to celebrate, the dj released some songs and an EP signed by his other work Project One. In addition he announced that he would launch this year a mini album, that we stayed to wait with great expectation.

Phuture Noize

Already in 2017 this dj released the album Pursuit of Thunder that contains songs with distinct styles inside the hardstyle. It was also on social networks that Phuture Noize started to use # newalbum2k18, which indicates that this year may come a new album on the way.


The album of this pair came out in 2016, and since then they have conquered the market of the hardstyle, being them to close several stages. In 2017 announced on social networks that in 2018 will launch Empire, the new album.

We can then realize that 2018 will be full of news and so we will keep an eye out for more news about each one.

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