Rankings are always sure to create some debate. People are on a rush to express their opinions and why something or someone should be above that position. There is always going to be controversy and even though it is far away from other rankings in terms of marketing and publicity, the Top 101 Producer list made by 1001tracklist.com for the civil year of 2017 shares some of that controversy (in an extremely smaller scale), but it is seen as a much more respectable list for the hardcore dance scene fans.

The Top 101 Producers of 2017” list is based on an algorithm named “Total Unique DJ Support”. As stated on 1001tracklist.com, “This ranking reflects the cumulative amount of unique DJ support for tracks played in 2017”.

Starting from the beginning, this list is headlined by none other than Sonny Moore aka Skrillex with a score of 1463 Total Unique DJ Support. The Californian is followed by renowned dance music names such as Don DiabloAxwellJack U partner Diplo and Hardwell. Then, we have our first surprise of the rank as Swedish producer Brohug comes in at number 6. Other surprises in the first few places are EDX’s climb to number 8, Italian Leandro da Silva with an astonishing number 11 finish, D.O.D finishing in front of artists like Martin Garrix and Chocolate Puma closing out the top 20.

More surprises follow as these are the 101 producers with most playtime given by their fellow colleagues in the year of 2017. Check them out, here!

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