Today at 2 pm, Lisbon timeline, known producer Avicii posted on his instagram account a request for public help in order to find one of his most dear friends which according to him and family is missing since 30th of december.

Carl Emil Fohlin of 28 years old was seen for the last time in Hollywod Hills where he went missing after leaving his home without any personal belongings and since then no one ever seen him again. Before Carl went missing, according to his family, he was passing through some rough times probably of mental issues, behaving a bit out of himself.

Carl Emil Fohlin is swedish origin, about 185cm tall, slender build, has blue eyes, a light brown beard and long hair. According to the last people who saw him he was wearing Orange pants.

If you have seen him or know anything about him just contact the local authorities or at least share this request for help through the social media with the #FindCarlFohlin. Sometimes small information or actions can give a huge help to do good.

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