The year 2018 begins with good news for fans of Slushii and Marshmello.

Slushii announced through a publication on the social network Twitter, that a new collaboration between the two dj it will be available soon.

Through this same publication we get the feeling that the name of the song will be “I Miss You” or something connected to the same theme. It is anticipated that this collaboration will also count on the voices of Marshmello, since in the teaser it is possible to hear a voice like in the song “You & Me“, of Marshmello.

In this small preview it is also possible to anticipate a great success, which will surely surpass previous collaboration “Twinbow“, which did not impress the fans.

Now we will have to wait for more information about the track, such as the official name and the release date.

Meanwhile, we have a small preview:

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