NEOPOP is auctioning the pictures that portrayed the names of the main names, who went through the festival this year. The auction began on December 25th and ends on January 8th.

While the music played, the colors were dragged and mixed on the screen, by the dance moves of ten professional dancers, so was born the Art Of Techno. Ten artists and ten dancers were enough to create unique works of art. Kraftwerk, Moderat, Maceo Plex, Tale Of Us and many more, were the artists portrayed in the pictures. The paintings were exhibited in Lisbon, Barcelona, Porto and Viana do Castelo, where they could be appreciated and “heard” by the public.

After a few months and away from the museums, the paintings reappear and this time they can be displayed on the wall of your room. The ten canvas are on auction and the money from the sales will be delivered in full to two institutions in Viana do Castelo, the “APCVC – Associação Paralisia Cerebral de Viana do Castelo” and the “Fundação AMA – Associação Amigos do Autismo”.

The social action, promoted by the organization of the festival, is receiving great praise and already has dozens of bids.


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