Ever since Awake was released in september, North American DJ and extremely talented Producer Illenium has been touring his country, delivering a sold out show almost every time. With his final show closing in, Illenium decided to release on his label, a small compilation giving some coverage to 3 extremely talented pianists. These covers are from the “Awake album”, and every track will individualy bring the most wonderful feels and emotions to Illenials.

The most melodic and smooth cover is the one of Julien Marchal, who played Beautiful Creatures, not failing to capture the emotions and storyline behind the masterpiece. Lorcan Rooney follows perfectly the vocal melody from Fractures bringing every note to life. To finish it off, Lambert’s cover of Crawl Outta Love is just breathtaking as the melody combined with the rhythm is absolutely beautiful.

Available on spotify, all there’s left is for all you Illenials to sit in delight with this wonderful and unexpected release from the wonder artist that is Illenium.

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There is something special about Dance Music, you can't explain it, just feel it. Dance Music is more than just music, Dance Music is a culture a movement. One that I respect deeply and love to understand be a part of. Started Wide Future in 2014 because of the love I have for every single genre of Dance Music, Techno, House, Drum, Big Room, Trap, Trance, etc.

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