Apple has confirmed the purchase of Shazam‘s music-recognition application, which is the company’s biggest acquisition since Beats Electronics, bought three years ago for 2.2 billion euros. The actual value of the transaction is close to 340 million euros, a similar number to what had already been indicated by TechCrunch, responsible for giving this news in first hand. Snap (owner of Snapchat) and Spotify (direct competitor of Apple Music) were also in the race to acquire the British company.

Shazam is already integrated with services such as Apple Music, Siri virtual assistant, Snapchat and Spotify. This application is one of the most popular for smartphones, with over one billion installations on devices. The company, founded in 1998 in England, started by offering a service where it was possible to call, at a cost, a telephone number and recognize a song that was playing. In 2008 it was launched in the App Store, for mobile phones with the Apple operating system, iOS, and, a few months later, in the Play Store, for Android systems.

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