The well known afters, that animate oPorto Mornings and everything around, with the stamp Private Breakfast announced a special party, this time to celebrate its anniversary, on December 1st (7am-2pm) the chosen venue for an event. is Ateneu Comercial do Porto, and counts on a consistent, luxurious lineup. Welcome, and already with participation in events prior to the alignment for Friday will have CHUS + CEBALLOS, an experienced Miss Sheila, one of the best duo Maurel & Fauvrelle, and for the first time Dub Tiger, on the warm-up.

The private breakfast has long been reference for electronic music lovers looking for something different. With about 30 editions in various locations, most at the usual time, start time between 6am and 7am  and the ending between 2pm and 3pm, but also special conditions with schedules in matinee. Having gathered a wide range of artists such as UNER, Yaya, Rafa Barrios, Marco Faraone, Stephan Hinz, Marc Romboy, Cristian Varela and Miguel Bastida, as foreigners and could say that it counted with all the national election as Gustavo, Rui Vargas, DJ Vibe, Jiggy, Miguel Rendeiro among the others.

According to Hugo Mota, the founder of the private breakfast, in an interview with Radio Nova Era, there is an opinion about the positioning of the concept and the position it occupies, he says that it appears in the sense of “filling a gap” in the mornings, than in other European cities. Trying to get away from the banality of the concept “after hours” says that Private Breakfast has “dj’s recognized and with fairly large logistics,” thus dubbing it as “a real morning party”.

As festivals are marked by their uniqueness in various aspects, one of the highlights is the image, which is given to the plastic artist Luio Zau, which may be an improbable combination. Zau during “Maluco Beleza”, liveshow of Rui Unas assumes “to be better raver than painter”. Google+ users also have their works, such as their creations, talents that also do not go unnoticed across borders, and the landscape for their connection to giants of electronic music worldwide.

In fact, it is Fauvrelle, the resident DJ, who knows the great majority of the audience that composes the morning public as the palm of his hand, gives great experiences to the public with great involvement on his part, always knowing how to organize with class every moment, regardless of the time of its delivery, which mostly is closing the programs, and that does not hide special taste in closing the Private Breakfast because he loves to see the public to go home with a smile on his face. Beside him, at the birthday party will be Frank Maurel, one of the best Portuguese, an artist who does not need presentations, with a long career and who together gives name to a partnership Maurel & Fauvrelle. Once had a break and that in the Private Breakfast was reborn, returning to do more frequent performances. Fauvrelle, who recently confirmed that he will release his first album, scheduled for 2018 and that he has already shared moments of work on his social networks.

Arguments to not miss and celebrate the second anniversary of the Private Breakfast, next Friday, gives more color and animation to your mornings. Tickets are in the 4th stage of sale, at a value of €15 that you can buy in the stores: Tri Angle (Cedofeita), q’t-shirt (Norte Shopping) or the usual promoters.

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