“Get It Right” is the new song by Diplo with . Apparently and according to the details of the music, Skrillex appears as a writter. This double back together after Jack Ü project, although unofficially. Skrillex worked directly in the instrumental of the new track.

After a bromance in which won the Grammy Award for best electronic/dance album, both followed their designs and stopped working together. The name Skrillex, Sonny Moore, credited the new track.

Secure with the new single, Diplo tries to gain success with your individual name and out ‘ under ‘ the Major Lazer. The American back, as well, working with artist MØ. In the case of this new track, Diplo is the protagonist, along with the voice unrecognizable from the Danish artist.

With Future Bass sounds, the music does not bring anything in the sense of contributing something new or different, but it shows signs of having been worked in several aspects. For the artists, the music offers musical quality with a final sound.


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