Exactly one week ago, a documentary was released telling the story of the energetic duo Bingo Players. The 10-minute documentary called “A Decade of Bingo Players” tells the story from creation until now.

Maarten, one of the members of the duo, tells us the story of how him and his late partner Paul Baumer met, got together and grew to become the iconic Bingo Players. The Dutch DJ and Producer explains everything, going 15 years back, to the moment it all started.

The journey behind Bingo Players’ success is truly amazing and unbelievable. It all started in the very basic software known as ProTracker and everything evolved from there. Bingo Players brought the very classic and characteristic Dutch sounds to American mainstages. Their unbelievable track “Touch Me” together with Chocolate Puma was without a doubt their breakthrough track. It all exploded with “Rattle” a track that is still often played in mainstages all around the world. Track like “Cry” and “Out Of My Mind” presented a beautiful melody alongside with a lyrical hook, that at some point, got everyone hearing it somewhere.

In 2013, the world fell apart when news came, out of nowhere, that Paul had passed away after a long battle against cancer. One wish that he carried was for Maarten to carry on the name of Bingo Players, and he did so.

The documentary is without a doubt and ode to Paul, showing their journey together and how they grew. Fans all around the world got very excited by this project and it shows how special Bingo Players are to dance music.

Bringing back the sentence that said it all. Bingo Players will always remain plural!

Written By: Jorge Azevedo

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