Few people have had as big a year as Sander van Dijck aka San Holo but the DJ, composer and producer just keeps throwing us quality content and the most recent example of this is his new radioshow in collaboration with the label that he founded, Bitbird.

Having just released “One Thing”, the Dutch plans to use the newly debuted podcast to show some of his new music, give listeners a chance to know some of his tastes and anticipate future releases from the Holland-based label.

On the mix introduction, San Holo states:

“I decided to start this radio show because I always get so excited hearing new music, and this is a great way to share all these new finds with you guys. And, of course, this is going to be a great way to tell you about all the upcoming bitbird releases.”

Featuring music from several artists, the hour-long mix is available for free on Soundcloud.

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