With only 21 years-old, Martijn Garritsen also known as Martin Garrix went from bedroom producer to one of the most dynamic and creative DJs of our generation.

In a recente interview for the Huffington Post at Web Summit in Lisbon, Martin talks about how he grew his music career from just himself, to a business that gives job to more than 20 people.

The most importante tips Martin Garrix gives are:

  1. Don’t work with the goal of being the number one DJ in the world because you’ll probably fail.
  2. Surround yourself with na amazing team of people who will always be there for you.
  3. Support from family and their involvement is really importante to lead a normal life.
  4. Only work with people you have a personal connection with.
  5. Honest comunication and feedback is crucial.
  6. Loneliness can be an artist’s worst enemy on tour.
  7. Work hard and if you love what you do, never give up.

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