After four editions of great success, or so we all thought, for the fifth edition everything is going to be different. In a crowdfunding campaign that appeals to the importance of art in our lives and how much would we fight for it, which should be said was the way the festival in Montemor-o-Velho was born.

Over the years the festival has kept the characteristic of never going mainstream, staying true to the values that brought it to life, creating a very special bridge between the artists and their audience, as well as having a noticeable impact on local economy. It didn’t take too long before it was praised internationally for it’s boldness and quality edition after edition.

Being very upfront about how hard it is to organize a festival that does not sell out to the mainstream crowd, telling the story about how it’s not just a festival, it’s also university related projects, interships, lectures, the environmental impact it creates, how it brings so many people together and more.

Festival Forte is scheduled for the 30th of August until the 1st of September 2018, the campaign will be running on Indiegogo until Christmas. Aiming to collect a minimum of one hundred and eighty thousand euros to keep the festival alive, the organization has only amassed just over four thousand from around fifty contributors.

Now the question still stands, not only for those who have been to Forte and experienced it, but to everyone, does art matter to you?

Written by: Hugo Carvalho

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