A new festival that offers a unique underground experience, arrives at the Alfandega do Porto on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July 2018.

The main place will be at Alfandega do Porto, as well as a station of satellite sites around the Oporto that will also host events. The focus will be on diversity. RPMM is also being invited selected publishers and parties from all over the world to join. Boat parties are planned in addition to those at shore, to ensure that there is an extended offer over the two days.

With an experienced team of promoters and world-class creative directors, the festival will bring together international names from house and techno. The long-term goal is to provide a platform not only for international stars, but also for local artists. Then it is necessary to create a festival of pre and post-festival events to echo for Europe, with the RPMM brand.

Inspired by festivals and other contemporary festivals, expressionists and pop artists, RPMM will be a place to escape the everyday world with unique artists, food, drinks and many more ready to transport visitors to a new world.

Support for the current situation in Oporto, in one of the oldest European cities and its historical nucleus has been a UNESCO World Heritage since 1996. Moreover, for today, it is a modern, highly sought after destination, winning the prize: European Best Destination 2017.

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