The duo Rebelion announced today the release of the second album.
They are known for leaving “a trail of destruction” wherever they go, because they use a more aggressive style of hardstyle, called Raw Style, a style that allowed the pair to gain the recognition they have nowadays.
Despite being linked to Raw Style, the duo always tried to create their own style, trying to join styles like Metal and Hip Hop, and adding the best features of Raw. This combination allowed the pair to receive support from DJs very recognized in the industry.

After releasing their first album called Uprising in 2016, they are announcing the release of the second album called Empire.
This revelation was made on the Facebook page when they were announced as members of the lineup of Hard Bass, a festival that takes place in the Netherlands, on 27th January, representing Team Red. However, they only gave us the name of the album, but not a release date.

Written by: Paulo Veiga

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